TREND:The Rise of The Bomber Jacket

  The Bomber Jacket Trend by affiakeys featuring a pink bomber jacket Originally known as a flight jacket or bombardier jacket, a bomber is a jacket that was initially created for the use of pilots. First worn in World War I, the bomber jacket has taken over social media bloggers style feeds and I have … Continue reading TREND:The Rise of The Bomber Jacket

TRENDING: Metallic Jackets

  TRENDING: Metallic Jackets by affiakeys featuring a puffy jacket Metallics are popping this season, ironic because it reminds me of the whole 80's futuristic vibe which technically would be considered last season. But this is fashion it is allowed to go round in circles. With metallic all around, there's no need to save your … Continue reading TRENDING: Metallic Jackets

Tommy Hilfiger in the 90’s

During the 90’s fashion brands and designers begun mixing music with their brand image. Brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger were the most recognisable.   A brand that was once cool and worn by a wide array of hip hop artist has lost its appeal and fashionable creditability. Tommy Hilfiger said he regrets leading his … Continue reading Tommy Hilfiger in the 90’s