Interview: Solange Knowles by Beyonce Knowles 2017

I'm your biggest fan (Beyonce) You may find that I feature Solange Knowles heavily on my blog because she is a straight up and down inspiration for me. Growing up the little sister to a megastar in the making, to some would of been dating but effortlessly Solange took it in her stride. I enjoy … Continue reading Interview: Solange Knowles by Beyonce Knowles 2017

Colour Pops

A fan of colours that I must say. I believe fashion is about self expression and those who dare to be bright have a lot to say. Fall 2014 saw Karl Lagerfeld explode with confetti splashed dresses. Balmain was bold with an animalistic vibe and I have to say these were the designers that set … Continue reading Colour Pops

Solange For ASOS

Effortlessly stylish is Solange Knowles posing for the cover and feature spread in Asos magazine. As one of the UK’s largest ecommerce based website the growth of Asos has seen its appeal cultivate internationally. Solange style just like Asos has evolved throughout her growth, she has always been eccentric stating to the magazine “I might … Continue reading Solange For ASOS