Do You Need A Wig?

Good or Bad, wigs come with a lot of stereotypes and a lot of history. It is considered by many a beauty tool, an accessory to the bald headed black woman, a way out for the lazy. But sometimes things often criticised and judged benefit, us better than we can imagine. Growing up to me … Continue reading Do You Need A Wig?

Don’t Touch My Hair

"Asking to touch a Black woman’s hair is a racial microaggression masquerading as a compliment."(Saint Records) The beauty of a black womans hair is now looked at as a fantasy. Something mysterious that can not be tamed. The hair is nappy, frizzy, unmanageable, yet it looks so beautiful when conditioned right. Hairstyles created from natural … Continue reading Don’t Touch My Hair

Interview: Solange Knowles by Beyonce Knowles 2017

I'm your biggest fan (Beyonce) You may find that I feature Solange Knowles heavily on my blog because she is a straight up and down inspiration for me. Growing up the little sister to a megastar in the making, to some would of been dating but effortlessly Solange took it in her stride. I enjoy … Continue reading Interview: Solange Knowles by Beyonce Knowles 2017