Fashion in the 1990’s

The history of fashion is pivotal to understanding the culture today. There are many designers who inspire me but the story of the infamous below had me most intrigued. Media can sway public opinions so I wanted to do my own thing and read up about them. Here's what I took away. Alexander Mcqueen Was … Continue reading Fashion in the 1990’s

Fenty x Puma SS18

Rihanna was back again with another collection this time for SS18, take a look at some of my favourite pieces below.. I loved the shell suit/ waterproof look featured in the collection. The collection featured sexy all in one jumpsuits Awesome pops of orange to warm up your wardrobe this spring The wet look will … Continue reading Fenty x Puma SS18

Dancehall Mania in Pop Culture

Recently the dancehall flavour and style has been all over the charts. And I am most certainly loving it. Pop music is created by its surroundings. It’s hard to even categorize exactly what pop music is beyond music that is merely popular. Again and again, pop music incorporates elements of niche sub-genres, aiming for the next … Continue reading Dancehall Mania in Pop Culture

Fenty University x Fenty Puma Fall 2017

All I can say about Rihanna is that, chick is serious about them coins and the fashion game. She has figured to be successful in 2017 with all the competition around for fame and name. You need to be a Brand, an expansion of yourself out of your chosen field. Several years ago an accountant … Continue reading Fenty University x Fenty Puma Fall 2017

Rihanna for Paper Magazine

Rihanna recently shot a spread for Paper Magazine March 2017 issue. Shot at the Alphabet City Deli & Grill, 54 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009 The singer wore a Jacket by 5:31 Jérôme, bra by Dior, and dress by Faith. She also wore a shirt by Marc Jacobs, shorts by Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh. Lastly in … Continue reading Rihanna for Paper Magazine

Rihanna Takes Flight For Harpers Bazaar

Posing for Harpers Bazaar Rihanna took flight as she reinterpreted Amelia Earharts sense of fashion and style on an aviation style plane. Now I am not going to act as if Amelia Earhart is the focus of the post because she isn’t. It has been awhile since Rihanna has taken the time and given us … Continue reading Rihanna Takes Flight For Harpers Bazaar

Do You Need A Wig?

Good or Bad, wigs come with a lot of stereotypes and a lot of history. It is considered by many a beauty tool, an accessory to the bald headed black woman, a way out for the lazy. But sometimes things often criticised and judged benefit, us better than we can imagine. Growing up to me … Continue reading Do You Need A Wig?

Fenty X Puma RTW Spring 2017

Whoa Rihanna has some serious style, and has shown her design credentials are not bad. Winning the Footwear of the year award 2016 for her infamous Creeper x Puma collection. Rihanna set the bar high for her first official parisian debut at Paris Fashion week and I must say she did not disappoint. Lets take … Continue reading Fenty X Puma RTW Spring 2017