Black Girls Rock

Reasons Why Black Women Are Single? In a world full of hot blooded males fighting for power, we as women fight for our men's attention. Now I don't know about some of you, but as a black woman there was once a time it felt like I was never going to find my Mr Right. … Continue reading Black Girls Rock

Relationship Medicine

Mood of the moment: Relationships can be difficult, I find it funny though when we as women are reluctant to address what we have done wrong or what we could of done better in the situation. Don’t get me wrong some men are jerks but what I have learnt men are simple and usually they … Continue reading Relationship Medicine

Can Men Buy A Woman’s Love After Infidelity?

After hearing the news of Dwayne Wade fathering a child outside his relationship with Gabrielle Union. It emphasises further that men regardless of their status, all have the same cheating tendencies. You could be Beyonce Knowles or Andrea from down the street it makes no difference when your partner cheats on you. News has broke … Continue reading Can Men Buy A Woman’s Love After Infidelity?