Female Energy

The power of women has long been denied in this masculine driven society. My interpretation of women are strong, nurturing lovers who can turn the angriest lion into a mere pussycat. When I see the images of black women as queens it feels my heart with pride and joy. It is a feeling I can … Continue reading Female Energy

Goddess Beyonce Graces The Grammys 2017

This was Beyonce's first debut since announcing she was pregnant and we all waited with baited breath to see what she would perform. Love Draught and Sandcastles although alot slower and softer than other songs on the album are still sensually beautiful.  Embracing her dramatically changed pregnant figure, she sashayed in a custom Peter Dundas … Continue reading Goddess Beyonce Graces The Grammys 2017

Bring Back The Dread Hat

Loved that Gucci Incorporated the style of hat made popular by Rastafarian culture. He created a soft subtle tone styled on these beautiful black models. Not only was Gucci inspired this spring 16 of the warm colours that represent the beautiful island of Jamaica. Tommy Hilfiger also paid homage to the culture with a tropical … Continue reading Bring Back The Dread Hat