Things will get better with Orange

  Things will get better by pastelneon featuring a tory burch necklace Tory Burch parfum fragrance, £110 / Cartier eau de perfume, £87 / Mac cosmetic, £27 / Balmain brushes comb / The Hand Foot Spa nail polish / Tory burch necklace, £285 / Moschino handbag / Warehouse strappy dress / Tory Burch lipstick / … Continue reading Things will get better with Orange

Moschino 90’s Looney Tunes Flava

  Moschino 90's Looney Tunes Flava by affiakeys featuring a white mini skirt I loved Jeremy Scott's aw/15 Moschino collection. It was reminiscent of the 90's and my obsession with bugs bunny and I just had to feature it here on the blog.


  Backpacks by affiakeys featuring a canvas rucksack Backpacks are back, they are know longer just an accessory for school children to carry there books. Ladies forget your handbags. It is all about the backpack. Keep your hands free with this latest trend. The set above is an inspirational guide to the type of style … Continue reading Backpacks