Love is Law – Family Is Business

I feel love is law because it has to happen. The idea and concept of love, to me symoblises happiness, companionship and compatibility which is something we all need. Souls crave love on this planet 🌎 . Family becomes your business when you realise money future and goals should be made with those who love … Continue reading Love is Law – Family Is Business

Mommy & Me

Motherhood is scary it doesn't come with an instruction booklet. Nobody can tell you what your life will be like after having a baby it is something you have to have faith in and prepare for. Society today adds to the fear by giving life pressures both financial, social. The fear is there will not … Continue reading Mommy & Me

Kimora Lee Simmons Weds Again

by Affia Keys After her ‘marriage’ to Djimon hounsou disintegrated, one was surprised to see Kimora flaunting her new beau Tim Leissner on an annual family vacay. Well ish just got real  because sources have confirmed including ex husband Russell Simmons that Kimora and Tim are indeed married. I wonder if this marriage is anything similar … Continue reading Kimora Lee Simmons Weds Again

Ladies Once You Go Black Yes You Can Go Back

I have noticed a lot of the black females in the celebrity industry who have previously dated black guys have now switched sides and are batting for the other side of the net. In no way do I consider this to be something negative yet it is something I find to be interesting. Hollywood actress … Continue reading Ladies Once You Go Black Yes You Can Go Back