The Formula to Natural Hair

The natural hair journey is not as difficult as it is made out to be. I remember as a child being told to relax my natural hair because it would make it more manageable and me like a sheep went and did it. 16 years ready to start college and I thought there was no … Continue reading The Formula to Natural Hair

Hair Trend: Lace Wigs

Weaves with a leave out piece seems so dated with the rapid introduction of lace wigs and closures. Black women who choose to wear their hair in weave used to only really be able to do a few styles. The main being a middle part with your own hair left out, a side part or … Continue reading Hair Trend: Lace Wigs

Brazilian Hair Journey

I do like to experiment with my hair and find myself constantly trying to reinvent my look each month. This hair I ordered from Ali Express has a Brazilian Kinky Curl texture, I finished the styling off with a lace closure (my favourite). The image above is my Brazilian hair install first day. Brazilian hair … Continue reading Brazilian Hair Journey

Baby Hairs

  Hair talks, well it does not literally talk, but conversations about afro hair, arises debates and splits opinions constantly. I get intrigued, and sometimes offended, when I see mothers with elaborate hairstyles and their children looking as though their hair has not seen in a comb in weeks. Younger children’s scalps are a lot … Continue reading Baby Hairs