Somewhere in London

Michael Dapaah Dream believe work Success comes to those willing to do all three Dr Ofori is my favorite (Love Doctor Advice) Mc Quakes was my least favorite segment but an appearance on Charlie Sloths Fire in the booth set his comedic freestyle alight. This track has the potential to be a One hit … Continue reading Somewhere in London

Does My Hair Offend You

In Amara La Negra’s case yes it does offend some. Why? Because she is an afro latina and proud. The latin community originally stem from countries such as Puerto Rico Dominica, and Cuba. Afro is from the term African. The history of Africa has been well populised but it has also become diluted, manipulated which … Continue reading Does My Hair Offend You

I Choose Motherhood?

Working Life Balance Career vs Family Success has always been a part of my ambitious drive, I have literally spent nights dreaming, brainstorming and praying that one day I become so successful. I am able to change my family’s life and also that of my future children. With that, the notion of working hard becomes … Continue reading I Choose Motherhood?

Albums I’m Waiting For This 2018

The past year my perception of music has changed. I have always been passionate about the sounds I like but now I have become passionate about the artistry and talent it takes to make hit records. In the UK I believe we have been misrepresented in the music world and now finally the people of … Continue reading Albums I’m Waiting For This 2018

Fenty x Puma SS18

Rihanna was back again with another collection this time for SS18, take a look at some of my favourite pieces below.. I loved the shell suit/ waterproof look featured in the collection. The collection featured sexy all in one jumpsuits Awesome pops of orange to warm up your wardrobe this spring The wet look will … Continue reading Fenty x Puma SS18

South London – The Endz

Globally when the British accent is heard those assume that London is the home of that individual. The capital city of England is said to be one of the most diverse in society, with immigrants mainly coming from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. In most societies communities form based on this migration. I proudly call … Continue reading South London – The Endz

Psychology of a Fashionable Black Woman

I am really interested to find out the psychology of women who think and feel just like me. Take a look at some of the questions below and give me some answers. I am really interested to know. About You Name: Age: Personal expenditure after bills: Location: Market Research 1.What is the most you have … Continue reading Psychology of a Fashionable Black Woman