The Ugly Ducklings

Insecurity with self looks is prominent for most women, but for women of darker skin complexions it is something not only picked on by the individual but also the mainstream society we desperately try to be part of. It is difficult because finding a person to blame or a reason for the whole skin complexion … Continue reading The Ugly Ducklings

Currently Listening to: Privacy – Chris Brown

Vocally Chris Brown can do no wrong, a seasoned performer with suave and style he sure knows how to make a hit.  "Privacy" is a song from his upcoming eighth studio album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon. It was released by RCA Records as the second single from the album on March 24, 2017.   The song … Continue reading Currently Listening to: Privacy – Chris Brown

Dancehall Mania in Pop Culture

Recently the dancehall flavour and style has been all over the charts. And I am most certainly loving it. Pop music is created by its surroundings. It’s hard to even categorize exactly what pop music is beyond music that is merely popular. Again and again, pop music incorporates elements of niche sub-genres, aiming for the next … Continue reading Dancehall Mania in Pop Culture

Family First x Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2017 RTW

Dolce and Gabbana are fashion veterans and are not afraid to move with today's current trends. On the runway this season was a show involving over 140 people of many shapes, ethnicities, and ages. There were mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, boyfriends, girlfriends, toddlers, and babes-in-arms; a tribe of international millennials. While European royal families and rock music … Continue reading Family First x Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2017 RTW

Go Fashion or Go Broke

Is fashion really worth the price tag? YES When people comment on the price of something I find it so bad manners. You might as well chew with your mouth open at the dinner table. Why does it matter how much you want to spend? its tacky talking about it and its tacky flaunting it. I … Continue reading Go Fashion or Go Broke