Fendi Spring 2018 – RTW

This Fendi collection is yet another stunning masterpiece. The attention to detail and the crafting of these jackets make me melt. Especially the white one. I also love the see through drench. Cycling shorts are also officially in so retailers take note! This summer they were minimal.

Style Steal? – Slay All Day: Style Beyonce’s Ivy Park!

  Slay All Day: Style Beyonce's Ivy Park! by the92liner featuring suede pumps Style steal are the latest items from the hottest designers. Featured as a style set, they include some of my favourite items. Do you think this is hot or not?

Gentle Romantics

It literally feels like this fashion month has flown by. This is my second time covering looks straight from the runway, and I have to say I feel like I have conquered it a lot better this time. How do you think I have done? Anyway moving on to Milan the character of the shows … Continue reading Gentle Romantics

Prints Are Big This Summer

Prints Are Big This Summer by affiakeys featuring a mini skirt Floral made an edgy turn on the runway and as always flowers are perfect for summery afternoons. From printed shoes to bra lets and skirts, these are a few of my favourite floral statement pieces.