Dance, Dance, Dance

Music is fun it's my biggest love, I cannot listen to music without dancing. I feel the blend of the instruments. I have always had this slightly weird obsession with dance choreographers, and after ITV (UK) debuted the first season of the show Dance, Dance, Dance it elevated my appreciation of choreographers to idol ship … Continue reading Dance, Dance, Dance

Dancehall Mania in Pop Culture

Recently the dancehall flavour and style has been all over the charts. And I am most certainly loving it. Pop music is created by its surroundings. It’s hard to even categorize exactly what pop music is beyond music that is merely popular. Again and again, pop music incorporates elements of niche sub-genres, aiming for the next … Continue reading Dancehall Mania in Pop Culture

Drake More Life: A Playlist by October Firm

"More tunes for your headtop so watch how you speak on my name" Finally, I got the chance to sit and listen to "More Life: A playlist by October Firm" by rap artist Drake. It was Released March 18th 2017. And already I can't get over how well the album has done, breaking streaming records … Continue reading Drake More Life: A Playlist by October Firm

After All – Alkaline This has to be one of my many favourite songs at the moment. But Alkaline - After all is an updated version of the homie anthem. Alkaline [Chorus:] Mi have couple dog mi know woulda dead fi me 'Detta seh love, 'detta a say loyalty Before you fuck with the family, just try 'memba … Continue reading After All – Alkaline