Protective Style Braids

They can be dressed up or dressed down and with proper care and night time routine, they can last a couple of weeks – maybe longer. Add colour to make them rock As this style starts to age and starts to fluff, use gel and a silk scarf to keep them neat. They’re the perfect protective … Continue reading Protective Style Braids

Obsessed With Ghana Braids

I decided I wanted to grow out my hair relaxer because, to be honest. I was tired of the constant burns, and having to deal with scabs in my scalp after getting my hair done. I was sure that I wanted to wear braids but did not want to endure the 6-8 hour process that … Continue reading Obsessed With Ghana Braids

Baby Hairs

  Hair talks, well it does not literally talk, but conversations about afro hair, arises debates and splits opinions constantly. I get intrigued, and sometimes offended, when I see mothers with elaborate hairstyles and their children looking as though their hair has not seen in a comb in weeks. Younger children’s scalps are a lot … Continue reading Baby Hairs