All Men Cheat ask Gucci?

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’Oir were married 17th October 2017 in a lavish wedding costing almost £2 million dollars. A wedding sponsored by BET the promo was heavy and every if not everybody knew Gucci and Keyshia were scheduled to be married. After 3 years locked up in 2013 for gun charges Keyshia knew that … Continue reading All Men Cheat ask Gucci?

Tips To A Sexier You

Do you find that as you get older you become more self critical? I did, and it's not the same immature reasons you may have criticised yourself for as a teenager. With the rise in social media and the instagram "IT" girls, taking the perfect selfies, in outfits matched to a T, make us regular … Continue reading Tips To A Sexier You

Black Girls Rock

Reasons Why Black Women Are Single? In a world full of hot blooded males fighting for power, we as women fight for our men's attention. Now I don't know about some of you, but as a black woman there was once a time it felt like I was never going to find my Mr Right. … Continue reading Black Girls Rock