Fashion in the 1990’s – Paula Reed

Air Jordans - The 1990s were sneaker obsessed. In 1985 the biggest sports star collaboration took place between Nike and Michael Jordan. By 1998 Jordan had reportedly made over $130 million from Nike alone. Such was the hype surrounding the sneakers that there was a spate of ‘shoe-jackings’ in which people were robbed of their … Continue reading Fashion in the 1990’s – Paula Reed

H&M You Messed Up

The Coolest Monkey in the jungle is what H&M consider to be an appropriate garment for their product range. Evidently this caused major backlash in the black community and created many protests to begin calling for H&M to apologise. This led to many questions being demanded such as ‘Did the retailer purposely create this ad … Continue reading H&M You Messed Up

Psychology of a Fashionable Black Woman

I am really interested to find out the psychology of women who think and feel just like me. Take a look at some of the questions below and give me some answers. I am really interested to know. About You Name: Age: Personal expenditure after bills: Location: Market Research 1.What is the most you have … Continue reading Psychology of a Fashionable Black Woman

The Gears of Life

Life is like driving a manual car 1st gear - Is about getting the motivation to succeed 2nd gear - Is the desire to see how far can you push your success 3rd gear - Is the satisfaction you feel when you reach your success 4th gear - Is the race to maintain that success … Continue reading The Gears of Life

All Men Cheat ask Gucci?

Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’Oir were married 17th October 2017 in a lavish wedding costing almost £2 million dollars. A wedding sponsored by BET the promo was heavy and every if not everybody knew Gucci and Keyshia were scheduled to be married. After 3 years locked up in 2013 for gun charges Keyshia knew that … Continue reading All Men Cheat ask Gucci?

Female Energy

The power of women has long been denied in this masculine driven society. My interpretation of women are strong, nurturing lovers who can turn the angriest lion into a mere pussycat. When I see the images of black women as queens it feels my heart with pride and joy. It is a feeling I can … Continue reading Female Energy

Fall 2017 hats

I have always loved accessories, hats most importantly due to the cold blustery weather conditions of London and my natural hair. They keep my head warm and shielded from the elements. Culturally hats signify protection, royalty and elegance. Streetwear has emerged with an edge and now it is even apparent in the hats Marc jacobs … Continue reading Fall 2017 hats

Love is Law – Family Is Business

I feel love is law because it has to happen. The idea and concept of love, to me symoblises happiness, companionship and compatibility which is something we all need. Souls crave love on this planet 🌎 . Family becomes your business when you realise money future and goals should be made with those who love … Continue reading Love is Law – Family Is Business