Breaking the industry – fashion blog no contact or networks

I remember when I first wanted to start writing a "blog". Initially I thought I would set up a website and take over the world. Gaining thousands of followers and accolades in the process. But as quickly as the idea came to me, the reality in the action was a lot harder.¬†I knew I wanted … Continue reading Breaking the industry – fashion blog no contact or networks

Fenty University x Fenty Puma Fall 2017

All I can say about Rihanna is that, chick is serious about them coins and the fashion game. She has figured to be successful in 2017 with all the competition around for fame and name. You need to be a Brand, an expansion of yourself out of your chosen field. Several years ago an accountant … Continue reading Fenty University x Fenty Puma Fall 2017

Artist Feature: Stefflon Don

Who is she? At 25 years old Stefanie Allen is now best known as Stefflon Don. She was born in Birmingham to Jamaican parents, Stefanie spent her formative years in the Netherlands before returning to the UK at 14 when she settled in Clapton, east London. A rising mc whose curvaceous body, … Continue reading Artist Feature: Stefflon Don

About AffiaKeys Who Is She?

"BOSS|MOTHER|WIFE It took some time to find my feet in this niche market of blogging. Yes blogging has become a lot more popular in recent years but the techmique is still something needed to be perfected. Not a vain person I didn't want to put myself out there with hundreds of "posed" "contrived" photos but … Continue reading About AffiaKeys Who Is She?

The Bomb Life Could Be My Life

I find it so cliche when I hear a female say "I love fashion,"¬†Shouldn't we all as women love fashion? I believe just like everything else there are levels to an individuals love. Some may love fashion so much they will go without food or water just for the latest Givenchy hand bag. Alternatively like … Continue reading The Bomb Life Could Be My Life