Michelle Obama – Natural Hair Journey

The Obama’s were the first black family of the Washington Presidential Whitehouse. It was an inspiration to many when Barack Obama was sworn in as the 54th president of the USA in 2008. Fascinating to many was his relationship with wife Michelle Obama. She represented to many black women the nature of true poise and … Continue reading Michelle Obama – Natural Hair Journey

Does My Hair Offend You

In Amara La Negra’s case yes it does offend some. Why? Because she is an afro latina and proud. The latin community originally stem from countries such as Puerto Rico Dominica, and Cuba. Afro is from the term African. The history of Africa has been well populised but it has also become diluted, manipulated which … Continue reading Does My Hair Offend You


As I love to wear my hear 100% natural,  I thought that I should share my hair shopping list essentials. Take a look below and feel free to share your essentials. Coconut oil 2. Curl Custard - Aunt Jackies 3. Groganic Shampoo 4. Leave in conditioner 5. Shea butter 6. Hair grease scalp

The Formula to Natural Hair

The natural hair journey is not as difficult as it is made out to be. I remember as a child being told to relax my natural hair because it would make it more manageable and me like a sheep went and did it. 16 years ready to start college and I thought there was no … Continue reading The Formula to Natural Hair

Hair Trend: Lace Wigs

Weaves with a leave out piece seems so dated with the rapid introduction of lace wigs and closures. Black women who choose to wear their hair in weave used to only really be able to do a few styles. The main being a middle part with your own hair left out, a side part or … Continue reading Hair Trend: Lace Wigs

Five Spring Hair Trends

With the weather getting warmer it is the perfect time to start thinking about Spring hair trends below are some of my favourite ideas for this Spring/Summer Short Sleek Bob - add a middle parting for edge or a side part for sass. Colouring the hair is also an option 2.  Braid/ Twist out - … Continue reading Five Spring Hair Trends

Whitney Houston’s Hair Trends

Famous for her voice the legendary s singer was never credited for her sense of fashion and style but I believed Whitney Houston was a unique face with very expensive taste.She was unafraid to experiment with her looks and during her reign in the charts she played with looks. A big fan of a frizzy … Continue reading Whitney Houston’s Hair Trends

Denman Brush My Recommendation

The Denman brush is dated, it has been around for years, yet a recent resurgence in black women embracing their natural hair meant this brush became the go to for all the natural sisters, transitioning and taming their natural curls. This brush has been a fixture on my mothers dressing table for as long as … Continue reading Denman Brush My Recommendation

Protective Style Braids

They can be dressed up or dressed down and with proper care and night time routine, they can last a couple of weeks – maybe longer. Add colour to make them rock As this style starts to age and starts to fluff, use gel and a silk scarf to keep them neat. They’re the perfect protective … Continue reading Protective Style Braids