Cultural Experiences and Art At London’s National Gallery

by Affia Keys This weekend I decided to flex my interest by visiting some of London’s finest museums. Friday I went to the national gallery, Saturday I took a break when really I should of gone to Tate modern as it was international woman’s day (upset I missed that) and Sunday I trekked the galleries … Continue reading Cultural Experiences and Art At London’s National Gallery

8 Frugal Beauty Tips For the Every day black woman

The struggle is real ladies but we have to keep ourselves in tip top shape for our families. 1. Sleep & Exercise 2. Selective Drinks 3. Mindful Easting 4. Natural products coconut oil etc 5. Skincare 6. Love ourselves 7. Positive talk 8. Set goals

I Choose Motherhood?

Working Life Balance Career vs Family Success has always been a part of my ambitious drive, I have literally spent nights dreaming, brainstorming and praying that one day I become so successful. I am able to change my family’s life and also that of my future children. With that, the notion of working hard becomes … Continue reading I Choose Motherhood?

Sayless – About Ashanti

Soft vocals and a sweet sound this sassy song from Ashanti illustrates why she is the princess of R&B. “Like get in my face, say less (say less)/If it ain’t about the money, say less (say less)/If he ain’t from the clique, say less/Bitch, say less,” sings the former Murder Inc. artist. Produced by … Continue reading Sayless – About Ashanti

H&M You Messed Up

The Coolest Monkey in the jungle is what H&M consider to be an appropriate garment for their product range. Evidently this caused major backlash in the black community and created many protests to begin calling for H&M to apologise. This led to many questions being demanded such as ‘Did the retailer purposely create this ad … Continue reading H&M You Messed Up

Albums I’m Waiting For This 2018

The past year my perception of music has changed. I have always been passionate about the sounds I like but now I have become passionate about the artistry and talent it takes to make hit records. In the UK I believe we have been misrepresented in the music world and now finally the people of … Continue reading Albums I’m Waiting For This 2018

South London – The Endz

Globally when the British accent is heard those assume that London is the home of that individual. The capital city of England is said to be one of the most diverse in society, with immigrants mainly coming from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. In most societies communities form based on this migration. I proudly call … Continue reading South London – The Endz

Psychology of a Fashionable Black Woman

I am really interested in trying to find out the psychology of women who think and feel just like me. Take a look at some of the questions below and give me some answers. I am really interested to know. Market Research Name: Age: Personal expenditure after bills: Where do you live: Price of clothing … Continue reading Psychology of a Fashionable Black Woman