Dream girls was a movie for the Culture

Appearing on American Idol the bright bushy singer Jennifer Hudson spoke of her desire to sing in front of millions. With a larger frame she was told in front of the world she did not look like a popstar and the chances of her becoming successful were slim. Fast forward to 2006 and her Oscar winning performance … Continue reading Dream girls was a movie for the Culture

The Ugly Ducklings

Insecurity with self looks is prominent for most women, but for women of darker skin complexions it is something not only picked on by the individual but also the mainstream society we desperately try to be part of. It is difficult because finding a person to blame or a reason for the whole skin complexion … Continue reading The Ugly Ducklings

How To Find Your Passion?

When someone asked me growing up what do you want to be when your older? I could never tell you! I used to think older what do you mean older? Age to me was most certainly a number and 'old' to me was not what I considered myself to be at the time so how … Continue reading How To Find Your Passion?

Dance, Dance, Dance

Music is fun it's my biggest love, I cannot listen to music without dancing. I feel the blend of the instruments. I have always had this slightly weird obsession with dance choreographers, and after ITV (UK) debuted the first season of the show Dance, Dance, Dance it elevated my appreciation of choreographers to idol ship … Continue reading Dance, Dance, Dance

Breaking the industry – fashion blog no contact or networks

I remember when I first wanted to start writing a "blog". Initially I thought I would set up a website and take over the world. Gaining thousands of followers and accolades in the process. But as quickly as the idea came to me, the reality in the action was a lot harder. I knew I wanted … Continue reading Breaking the industry – fashion blog no contact or networks