New Baby on a Budget

Let’s be real having a baby can be pricey, but it is not impossible. I remember feeling hesitant, in the early stages of my pregnancy, due to rising nursery and clothing costs. But I made it through and learnt some amazing gems. I am dying to share.

1st Tip: Cheaper is not always better!

Invest in key items that can be used time and time again. Things such as

1. Pushchair

This can be used from birth all the way up until your little one is 3-4 years old. A perfect investment as baby will love being pushed around enjoying the fresh breeze and new sights.

A comfy durable pushchair is key brands such as, Silver Cross, Maxi-Cosi, Oyster and Joie. All sell really good pushchairs at competitive prices.

2. Cotbed and Mattress

The comfort of your infants bed will determine how well both of you sleep at night. Babies enjoy feeling snug and cosy. Therefore a nice memory foam soft mattress will be perfect. A spacious cotbed with room for little ones to grow. Will ensure a perfect nights sleep all year round.

3. Baby Monitor

As a new parent you may fear something bad happening to your little one, whilst you sleep. Newborns tend to sleep alot in the first 6 weeks and it can be worrying. You wonder are they sleeping to long, should you go in and check? Now a good baby monitor would put all those fears to rest.

There are monitors on the market that range in price that provides some amazing functions. Such as; Talkback options, allows you to soothe baby from another room

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