Steven Meisel photo

Steven Meisel

Fashion in the 1990’s – Paula Reed

Steven Meisel

Steve Meisel famous photograph - Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington - Los angeles Vogue Italia 1989

Signed exclusively to vogue, ended up being the highest-paid photographer of all time. Meisel has also photographed every cover and lead editorial for Italian Vogue over the past 20-plus years — an accomplishment that is unheard of in today’s competitive landscape — and his work has appeared in American Vogue as well as many high-end fashion ad campaigns, such as those for Lanvin, Prada and Versace. His very controlled, unashamedly artificial and often provocative style defined the look not only of fashion magazine spreads but also of many of the big fashion campaigns of the decade from Dolce & Gabbana to Valentino, Calvin Klein and Gap.

Steven Meisel photographed with Naomi Campbell and Madonna

His photographs are iconic. In 1992, Meisel collaborated with Madonna to create the notorious book Sex, effortlessly pushing boundaries. Meisel’s career is somewhat of a fashion fairy tale: a true talent creating the beauty he has adored throughout his entire life.

Steve Meisel famous photograph - Linda Evangelista in Vogue June 1990

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