Entrepreneurs calling

Entrepreneurs Calling

The rise of the millennial’s have seen a number of people move away from the regular structured 9-5 work pattern to now become independent workers. Trade businesses and skills now offer opportunities for individuals to become self employed. I previously wrote an article on quitting my job for my blog, because that was a real consideration of mine. I was willing to give up a well paid job to fulfil my dreams but financial stability is really important to me. Without financial stability it is possible to get into debt, as well as the strain of ensuring you can meet your business overheads.

However it is a risk some individuals are willing to take. Qualifications are important, I have worked in the corporate business world and the reasons why employers seek individuals to have a higher education, is because the workload is intense. The strain of the workplace and the fast paced nature and demand of the environment, can leave someone who has not had to face strict deadlines out of their depth.

So is becoming an entrepreneur right for you?

  1. Social Media Eruption 

Promoting your brand to your friends is the first place to start gaining attention with your product. Offering a service or product that is popular will immediately gather a following of eager shoppers.

2. Qualifications

Most traders require a level of certification or qualification to prove you are certified to offer a skill in order to receive payment. Courses can be expensive but I think they are definitely worth it, if you are able to afford the payments. I suggest avoiding student loans as they take time to pay back and can rack up if you do not start earning some more money.

3. Be An Inspiration

Do you aim to offer a service to make people feel better or about themselves? If you have good attentions it is great to inspire and the success of your business will only prosper.


I would love to run my own organisations in order to do this I need to take up the below courses.

  • Sewing
  • Hair
  • Nails


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Calling

    • affia keys says:

      Hey Haleemah

      You are halfway there as you already have a wordpress. The best thing I advise is to buy a domain through a host website. That way you will see whether your .com address is free to use and get loads of support. I advise using the below site http://selfhosted.co and you can also contact lisa@selfhosted.co, she will be able to help you if you have any technical questions. Otherwise just ensure you have enough to cover the annual charge for your domain x

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