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Dune Blog Post Throwback

https://www.dunelondon.com/embellishment-autumns-hottest-accessories-trend-blog397/ Having a nostalgic moment today and I came across my first published blog post I completed whilst working for Dune. I remember I wanted to start producing content so bad, I approached the Dune Groups website editor and asked if she could feature a piece of my writing on the Dune blog. At the … Continue reading Dune Blog Post Throwback

New Baby on a Budget

Let's be real having a baby can be pricey, but it is not impossible. I remember feeling hesitant, in the early stages of my pregnancy, due to rising nursery and clothing costs. But I made it through and learnt some amazing gems. I am dying to share. 1st Tip: Cheaper is not always better! Invest … Continue reading New Baby on a Budget

Steven Meisel photo

Steven Meisel

Fashion in the 1990’s - Paula Reed Steven Meisel Signed exclusively to vogue, ended up being the highest-paid photographer of all time. Meisel has also photographed every cover and lead editorial for Italian Vogue over the past 20-plus years — an accomplishment that is unheard of in today's competitive landscape — and his work has appeared in … Continue reading Steven Meisel

Entrepreneurs calling

Entrepreneurs Calling

The rise of the millennial's have seen a number of people move away from the regular structured 9-5 work pattern to now become independent workers. Trade businesses and skills now offer opportunities for individuals to become self employed. I previously wrote an article on quitting my job for my blog, because that was a real … Continue reading Entrepreneurs Calling