Anxiety my Mental Health

Mental Heath Awareness Week (14th May – 20th May)

Have you ever had a pain in your chest so deep it felt as if you were having a heart attack? I have and I’m sure many have experienced it also. That feeling I have learned is called anxiety. It was bought on by me stressing about my life.

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

Growing older it becomes easier to get stressed out, because we have a lot more responsibilities. The work life, financial pressures and social influences can really lead individuals to a feeling of worthlessness and depression. The expectations we put on ourselves and what others have can most certainly lead to stress that can then lead to anxiety. Nowadays people are a lot more open with expressing their feelings of being unable to cope.We are taught to want more, instead of learning to be content with what we have.

In appreciation of mental health week, I wanted to raise awareness for those suffering under the strains of life. Life isn’t easy it can be cruel and tumultuous, therefore we need to be given more skills to handle the good and the bad things that affect us in life.

In 2018 we are less able to control the information we take in. If we see on the news a block of tower on fire (Grenfell Tower).The sadness and fear alone makes us feel powerless. We are not understanding the tragic impact the negative news is having on our mental health.

Today information is instant, due to our execesive use of smartphones. We can record an incident and if impactful can be reported online or on the television in 10-20 minutes. This creates PTSD post traumatic stress disorder. Initially we are told PTSD affects people who have been in war or witnessed a terrifying event. But this now is not the case dangerous events happen every day, people who live in more violent areas, witness traumatic events everyday.

This creates and builds stress that then eventually develops into anxiety. By tackling stress, we can go a long way to tackle mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and, in some instances, self-harm and suicide. We will look at how we can tackle stress and help improve our mental health.

The media is the biggest tool in creating propaganda and drama. The rise of “social media” has catapulted this tool to reach billions of more people. As much as I cannot live without the media my question is who controls this? Who is out there to protect the mental wellbeing of the being. How long will the internet and news get away with bullying people? I’m starting to think fitness and wellbeing should be more accessible and provided by local authorities to help the community. Local pilates, Yoga or swimming I’m sure can really improve an individuals mental wellbeing and overall health.

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