How To Be An Inspiration

This blog was created to inspire a love for natural beauty in black women, whilst it is still one of my inspirations. I still find myself inspired by a number of different things, my culture, my fellow black women and most definitely music.

A lot of the time most people do not understand their influence on others. Being confident or super shy can have an effect on the way you are treated by others, mainly your peers, colleagues and family. Naturally I have always felt confident enough to speak my mind and let others know how I am feeling. Little did I know, this had a negative effect on the way I was viewed, addressed and spoken to. Jealousy is real and most people want what they see they do not have. I allowed that negativity to stop me from pursuing my dreams. I knew I shouldn’t be trying to fit in, but did not know what to do with all my wild thoughts and visions. If I knew then, would I do now I would of literally stayed in my bedroom, written music and created bomb websites that was a true reflection of myself.

Now in 2018 I have understood the journey it takes to find yourself and build confidence. I could say I want a blog with thousands of followers but if I’m not confident in myself and what it is I want to put out, why would I want people to follow me and be inspired.

So how easy is it to be an inspiration, firstly you have to;

1. Express Yourself

Most people live vicariously through others so being the most authentic version of yourself is the best way to be. Staying true to your beliefs and presenting that to the world.

2. Follow Your Dreams

As individuals we are all so different with passions lying in all areas and industries. By staying true to yourself and following this dreams will cause people to take notice. Firstly they may be jealous or negative towards the dreams you have envisioned for yourself but who cares? Inspire others by inspiring yourself and that starts with living the dreams you have visualised.

3. Be Gracious and Humble

Ignore the negativity that floods our daily emotions. People will always think they know what is best or they understand what you are doing with yourself and goals. Instead of shutting off and isolating myself from those people, inspire them by showing them there opinions will not stop you making the decsions so belittling actions will not deter you.

3 ways to inspire others

So who or what inspires you?

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