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My Weight Loss Journey


You are what you eat?

I love food and always have. When I was younger I did not understand food could be consumed regularly but healthily. Getting to know about different foods and the benefits it has and can do for the body is amazing.

80% Diet 20% Gym

Naturally the body responds to whatever food you put inside of it. We can’t help the guilty pleasures of high salt, high fat food but hate the way we feel afterwards.

Gyms build muscle and stamina the same way if you smoked 20 cigarettes a day and went to the gym your health will not improve the same way if you continued to wat junk and work out. The only person you are cheating is yourself in those circumstances because you are just wasting your time.

The body consists mainly of water by staying hydrated you are keeping your brain oiled and moist. This creates healthy happy hormones that allow you to excel in particular areas. Restricted Diets Cause Hormonal imbalances I believe the body craves and needs foods at different times.

Salads and Vegetables

Plant based foods, grown underground these foods tend to be higher in particular Vitamin D minerals due to their lack of exposure to the sun. Leafy and green high folic acid, vitamin c and D is great.

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