Michael Jackson Channel 5 – Man in the mirror

The documentary detailing Michael Jackson’s life opened my eyes to what the man was going through. Here are some of my main points I did not know before.
Remember The Time Michael Jackson
  • He dreamed of Fred Astare that was one of his inspirations.
  • The Jackson’s were Isolated because they were Jehovah witnesses.
  • Before the Kids Joseph and Katherine Jackson sang together.
  • The Jackson 5 were getting booked for shows with Michael as young as 6 years old.
  • Michael Jackson learnt how to capture an audience at the tender age of 6 years old.
  • During the Jackson 5 rise to fame they still suffered racial segregation and threats of violence had to use the ‘coloured toilets.’
  • Auditioned for Berry Gordy in 1968
  • Released in 1969 ‘I Want You Back’ broke down musical barriers, black music on the pop charts.
  • Joseph was strict believed you had to work harder than everyone else. He would loose his temper beat them. Determined to get them out of poverty. Beating and isolation as a child never had a childhood.
  • Michael left nothing in his will to his father only to his mother and children. Joe was not mentioned.
  • Age of 11 he knew he was a product. Had to lie about his age. With a talent like that he was never his own.  Insecure, awkward, had not grown into manhood. Struggled with him growing up. Motown and Joe were suffocating.
  • Motown did not know how to market the changing image of Michael Jackson he moved to Epic records without his brothers.
  • Michael was bound to the Jackson’s 5 dad did not want him doing anything else. Lived together as a family for ages
  • Wanted to write his own music to have more control but his first solo album Off the wall was snubbed at grammys led to depression
  • He met Quincy Jones when he left his family for the first time and starred in The wiz with Richard Prior and Diana Ross
  • His glove became his blanket during Pepsi hair commercial incident. 3rd degree burns painkillers. Already had plastic surgery, self harm. Wanted to look like Peter Pan.
  • Drug addiction caused by his obsession with plastic surgery not the one accident. The amount of surgery he had must needed pain relief. Lived in LA lala land everyone has surgery. P
  • Lost control nobody said no to him. Lost his father and Quincy Jones
  • Became obsessed with PR and illusions, childish fibbing turned into wacko jacko. Struggled to understand why the media was so mean to him. Emotional and vulnerable. He became a recluse


To find out more – Remember the Time: protecting Michael Jackson in his final days by Bill Whitfield is a very insightful book. Written by his former bodyguards who spent years with him during his reclusive stages. If you would like a review on that just let me know in the comments. The book is great though any one wanting to know more about the mysterious King of Pop behind the scene. This book will give all the answers.



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