Justice for Grenfell

Grenfell Tower

8 Months ago, London was left in complete shock when we witnessed, the Grenfell Tower a 24-storey, public housing block, in North Kensington, engulfed  in enormous flames. People were frozen into shock as we waited to find out; the number of survivors, fatalities and the cause of the fire. Controversially the North Kensington area within … Continue reading Grenfell Tower

Kfc Portugal - affiakeys

My Weight Loss Journey

You are what you eat? I love food and always have. When I was younger I did not understand food could be consumed regularly but healthily. Getting to know about different foods and the benefits it has and can do for the body is amazing. 80% Diet 20% Gym Naturally the body responds to whatever … Continue reading My Weight Loss Journey

Michael Jackson Channel 5 – Man in the mirror

The documentary detailing Michael Jackson's life opened my eyes to what the man was going through. Here are some of my main points I did not know before. He dreamed of Fred Astare that was one of his inspirations. The Jackson's were Isolated because they were Jehovah witnesses. Before the Kids Joseph and Katherine Jackson … Continue reading Michael Jackson Channel 5 – Man in the mirror

Somewhere in London

Michael Dapaah Dream believe work Success comes to those willing to do all three https://youtu.be/U_Lzicf8vZg Dr Ofori is my favorite (Love Doctor Advice) Mc Quakes was my least favorite segment but an appearance on Charlie Sloths Fire in the booth set his comedic freestyle alight. This track has the potential to be a One hit … Continue reading Somewhere in London

In Bloom This Spring

In Bloom: Spring Perfume by rosidew featuring a bubble bath I love flowers, and Spring is the prefect time to enjoy the vibrance that these buds bring to all living spaces and moral in general. My favourite flower in the spring are yellow tulips. What about you?

40 Shades of Make Up Outrage

Buying make-up can be complicated, particularly if you don't have much knowledge beforehand. In the early millennial years, there were only a few make up brands that catered to diverse range of skin-tones. I remember going into local UK drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug and not being able to find any foundations, concealers or … Continue reading 40 Shades of Make Up Outrage