Does My Hair Offend You

In Amara La Negra’s case yes it does offend some. Why? Because she is an afro latina and proud. The latin community originally stem from countries such as Puerto Rico Dominica, and Cuba. Afro is from the term African.
The history of Africa has been well populised but it has also become diluted, manipulated which has led to people being confused.
The negative nature of racism and the hate felt by just dividing a culture, name calling, bashing I believed has not only affected the white global perception of African people but those also in other communities such as the carribean, latin america and Asia.
It is well documented that these cultures have an obsession with being lighter skinned. The fairer your skin the prettier you are.
I believe its been so stomped into our DNA we wouldn’t be able to get over it if we tried.
Amara La Negra is a star due to her fearfulness.

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