Fashion in the 1990’s – Paula Reed

Air Jordans – The 1990s were sneaker obsessed. In 1985 the biggest sports star collaboration took place between Nike and Michael Jordan. By 1998 Jordan had reportedly made over $130 million from Nike alone. Such was the hype surrounding the sneakers that there was a spate of ‘shoe-jackings’ in which people were robbed of their Jordans at gunpoint
90's fashion jordans
Steven Meisel
Signed exclusively to vogue, ended up being the highest-paid photographer of all time. His very controlled, unashamedly artificial and often provocative style defined the look not only of fashion magazine spreads but also of many of the big fashion campaigns of the decade from Dolce & Gabbana to Valentino, Calvin Klein and Gap.
steven miesel 90s fashion
Gangsta Rap
In the 1990s hip-hop ceded to gangsta Rashida. By the middle of the decade, the key influence in hip-hop fashion came from the dress styles of street thugs and prison inmates. Rappers such as N.W.A, Wu-Tang Clan and Gang Starr wore Chuckie’s Khaki pants, plaid shirts and white Champion T-shirts, Raiders starter jackets and a plethora of logos. They accessorized with Carhatt and Timberland, Chuck Taylor sneakers, black raiders baseball caps, and bandannas.
The style of wearing trousers saggy and low-slung, without a belt emulated the look of offenders whose belt And shoelaces were removed when they arrived in prison.
Tommy Hilfiger was anointed the rappers brand of choice after Snoop Dogg wore a Hilfiger sweatshirt during an appearance on SNL. New York stores sold out of the Snoop Dogg shirts within 24 hours of the show.
Hip-hop fashion became big business as white kids in the suburbs developed a taste for the streetwise wardrobe. Brands like Phat Farm, Sean John and Rocawear made hundreds of millions of dollars dealing in mainstream hip-hop fashion.
90's gangsta rap

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