H&M You Messed Up

The Coolest Monkey in the jungle is what H&M consider to be an appropriate garment for their product range.

Evidently this caused major backlash in the black community and created many protests to begin calling for H&M to apologise.

This led to many questions being demanded such as ‘Did the retailer purposely create this ad campaign to be racist?’ – H&M replied No and have apologised for the incident removing the image of their website but in some places the damage had already been done.

In South Africa there were major scenes of protest as individuals trashed a H&M store.

H&M South Africa

The five year old model at the centre of this race row is apparently unaware of the controversy this has caused and even caught the attention of P Diddy who offered the young boy a modelling contract. His parents on the other hand have a lot of explaining to do…

Originally telling critics to get over it and they did not see anything wrong with the ‘coolest monkey in the jungle slogan’ they eventually had to admit they were negligent did not supervise their son and had no clue that he even worn such a jumper.

It is shocking that some parents are happy to allow their child to model for a big brand and expect that brand to be the saviour 100% right and do no wrong (Kendall Jenner and the Pepsi advert comes to mind)

His parents should be way more active in the images that are captured of their son and used for modelling. I can imagine they were quite fond of the checks though.

h&m boy parent

In society today it is hard to tell how H&M will suffer from this PR disaster. I believe the store was  almost going through a period of reinvention. The product lines were starting to get a lot more trendy and cool in line with the current market, but this bloop just shows how out of touch some designers and brands are. This is an example of when trying to be cool can go drastically wrong and that’s what happens when you try to emulate a culture you know nothing about.

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