Albums I’m Waiting For This 2018

The past year my perception of music has changed. I have always been passionate about the sounds I like but now I have become passionate about the artistry and talent it takes to make hit records.

In the UK I believe we have been misrepresented in the music world and now finally the people of soul and colour are able to take centre stage and represent our culture and heritage. Artists like Stormzy, Krept n Konan, Stefflon Don, Ms Banks, J Huss, Mist, Ramz and Ray Blk all had an amazing year and 2018 hopefully has plenty more to bring with a lot more artists standing out for the right reasons.

So here’s a few artists I cannot wait to listen to this 2018;

Stefflon Don

MOBO-Awards-Winners-Room sTEFFLON dON

Originally I wrote an artist feature on Stephanie and since then she has literally blown into an even bigger star. Leading the way with her smash hit single ‘Hurtin Me’ featuring French Montana. She then went on to win a Mobo award and support rapper Future on the European leg of his tour.

When she releases her album, listening to it will be the first thing I do that day.

Ms Banks


Fiery and raw from South East London, I love Ms Banks nature. She does not sugar coat herself down as she carries the grit from South, but still has the elegance and grace of any young black woman. She hasn’t had her big break through yet but she gained a lot of recognition and respect in the UK rap scene and by the Queen of Rap herself, Nicki Minaj…

Ms Banks has to at least put out a mixtape to solidify her rap spot in the game.

Cardi B

Cardi b

This young girl had dreams of making it out of the strip club and into magazines as a superstar. Luckily for Cardi those dreams have come true. She has now become the most well known and talked about artist of 2017 after her single Bodak Yellow broke history and went down as the first female rap song to have a number one single since Lauryn Hill in 1998 (Doo-wop That thang)

After the single the buzz for Cardi’s new music has been hot. To be honest it hasn’t been bad. She featured on the track Motorsport, No Limit and Finesse remix which all have done really well on the billboard top 100 charts.

The ever open and honest Cardi said she is nervous of failure and doesn’t want to flop in public. Let’s hope her album this year is fire she can’t delay anymore.

Nicki Minaj


No new music since the 2014 Pink print! I think it is insane Nicki hasn’t released any new music. The Pink Print album tour did well and was very successful but Nicki Minaj appears to be taking her time with her 4th album and we can see why. Competition is fierce out their and with newcomers and underdogs always in favour over the reigning champ. Ms Minaj knows she has alot to do to shutdown her critics and reaffirm her position.

Remy Ma


The nemesis of the barbs, lol. She came for Nicki Minaj and still hasn’t released an album. Her release from jail was one of the most hyped we all expected some fire music straight from the cell. We wanted to hear her pain, her story. But nope we wasn’t privileged to music, just an insight of her life on Love and Hip Hop. The music is still not connecting. Her passion is there but I cannot see enough work ethic.

I hope 2018 she proves me and all the doubters wrong and creates a solid rap album she owes it to the culture I think.


The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Although Lemonade is still quite recent, this album was not one of Beyonce’s best I would have to admit. The negativity surrounding her husbands infidelity took away from the music I think. The fans deserve something a lot more up tempo and modern.



A youtube influencer with a hip 90’s style and down to earth personality has picked up her mic and begun recording music for her social media fan base. She has said she always wanted to be a singer and finally she has reached a level where she can record and produce her own music.

Her singles have been great so would be nice to get a little EP, mixtape or album from her.

Ray Blk

Ray blk

After winning the prestigious BBC sound of music. This soulful singer from Catford has released some material but I am waiting for a fun up tempo record from the singer.

So there’s my list of artists I am waiting to here from this year. You may have noticed this list only featured female artist. This year I plan to big up and support female artists a lot more because we are underrated.

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