South London – The Endz

Globally when the British accent is heard those assume that London is the home of that individual. The capital city of England is said to be one of the most diverse in society, with immigrants mainly coming from Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. In most societies communities form based on this migration.
I proudly call South London my home, its my endz and I know the area very well. Growing up black, I knew originally my grandparents were not born here.
The windrush created diversity in London. After the second world war, morale of the country was low and a lot of jobs to be done. This influenced the British government to call upon its empire.
Heavy Carribean influence immigrants has created this amazing culture and slang I now use today. (Patois, Food, UK rap grime)
We’re just different is the feeling I get when confronted by those who disagree with how I act, what I believe in or the things I choose to do in my spare time. I used to question what it was that made me so different, why I was always having confrontational outburst with those who disagreed with me. One thing I have now re

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