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The self proclaimed “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer also known as Rihanna appears to have considerably dropped back on her racy image. Rarely making headlines for her outfit choices or even her questionable actions such as smoking marijuana on social media. The pop princess who found fame at just 16 years old looks as if she has grown tired of the hype and recently can be found at Paris fashion week showcasing her Fenty x Puma line  or even more recently the launch of her cosmetic line Fenty Beauty


So why is it Rihanna has focused more of her time in other ventures? Firstly her brand demands it, with the amount of fans Rihanna has around the world she should be able to capitalise of off her own name. Secondly the music industry isn’t going to be her most profitable route in ensuring her family are looked after for life. Fenty Beauty created a major buzz due to Rihanna launching a range of 40 different foundation shades for women of all colours. Having a black woman as successful Rihanna will do nothing but create better equality around the world.

Rihanna at her fashion show finale

Did you buy any Fenty Beauty? or have you got the Creepers? Comment below and share your thoughts on the new Rihanna?

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