How To Write A Book?

I wish I knew, I decide to switch my blog to a journal from time to time. Be it to blogging about people you don’t know and encouraging others is wasted when you cannot reflect on yourself.

My goal here is to be the best writer I can be and connect with people with all types of content my brain transpires to discuss.

Below are some extracts from the book I am writing have a read and let me know your thoughts.

The Pretty Girl 


Rrrrrring rrrrrrrrinnng rrrrring rrrrrring

I glance at the clock, its 7.30 in the morning; my ass has barely touched my seat at the desk. And the telephone is ringing already, you have got to be kidding me! Every ring feels like a electronic shock pulsating through my temples and frying my brain. An extreme feeling i know but i have had what some would say is an extreme night.

I have only myself to blame I guess I spent the night with Simon a guy I met at the supermarket and my oh my did we spend a night. (Burrrp) Phewww i smell like a brewery. Simon was a wine connoisseur before his business went into administration due the financial struggles of the city and its residents. He kept quite a deal of his stock despite the bank liquidising all of his assests.

“greedy fuckers” he slurred as we both took turns swigging from the bottle “they thought they could make a profit out of me to feed their starving families what about me”

That is how the night begun it ended with us consuming enough wine to make an alcoholic blush and had having enough sex to film a pornography marathon. It was fun though i smirk to myself.

I reach for my mirror, issh I have had only one hour’s worth of sleep, my eyes; i feel like i am holding them open with a tooth pick that is bound to snap at any second and i may pass out head first onto this desk.

Rrrrrrrinnnggggg rrrrrrinnnnggggg

For god sake and the telephone is still ringing. I hope my manager is not in today, i do not want to hear one his lectures about customer service today. But then again i do hope his in as annoying as my manager is he is one the sexiest men i have seen and trust me i have seen a lot of men. I cant help but flirt with him. I cant help alot of the things i do but thats my problem.

Rrrrrring rrrringgg rrrrrinnnng i glare at the phone.

Ahhhh my headdddd, not only can i hear the telephones ringing you have gun shots and people yelling outside in the street. Just another day in Harlem i think to myself.

Living in this city is rough kids and parents are out on the street at all times of the night, prostitution, rape and gun crime is very common which makes our service funeral direct the best in town I do not want to answer, at first i thought most calls to a funeral office would be people arranging funerals but it is just people phoning to check prices have not gone up if and when a relative dies, i still do not see why they even bother ask for the prices a majority of the people living in the city cannot afford a funeral, bodies are usually cremated which is the cheapest and most common thing to do as it saves the cost on the coffin, suit, flowers, guests etc and the list goes on. Lucky thing the boss thought to add that in as part of our ‘service’ as we have seen our pay increase and we can actually afford heating in the office.

Rrrrrring the phone cuts off good! I do not have time for that this morning.

“who was that A” says my manager to me who is now standing over my desk, “errr nobody” i stuttuer not knowing how long his been standing there and how long i have been looking at the phone ignoring it hoping the person will go away just for 10 minutes so i can sip this coffee which feels like a cup of gold and read my morning paper with out interruptions. “you can’t keep doing that you know A” he looks at me with big bold eyes “at the moment we need all the business we can get, there are kids dying left right and centre on that street” i look up at him briefly to make him aware i have heard his insensitive comment “if we do not take advantage of the trying times this city has to offer we will be out on the street with them, so i don’t care if its 7.30am and you have only just got here or 7.30pm when you are about to leave, we hear at (funeral firm) offer a service that is to provide our customers with efficient and easily burial services. You answer the phone you remain polite and professional and you assist them all you can with their queries and arrange the best funerals their broke pocket asses can afford do you understand me?”

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