Artist Feature: Little Mix

One thing I have to say about these girls is that they have been constant. You can see that they really gel together as a group and have moulded into what could be one of the best girl groups since Destiny’s Child.


The British girl group was formed back in 2011 during the eight series of the UK version of The X Factor. Originally they auditioned as soloists but were unsuccessful. The judges decided to put them together as not to waste their talents and they never looked back. They are the first and, so far the only group to win the competition. Which is big business for the ladies the public really got behind them.


The music from Lil Mix I believed would have a cutesy pop band feel so I didn’t really think they would be a success but what did I know? It was great they came with hit after hit of pop music that was sassy, fierce and showed their individual personalities. One thing to learn from this group is that a sound creates your image, making music gives you look and the route they have chosen makes them strong competition in the music industry.


Take a look below at some of my favourite Lil Mix videos.

Move –  (DNA 2012)

Black Magic – (Get Weird 2015)

Shout out to My EX – (Glory Days 2016)

Touch – (Glory Days 2016)

Power (Glory Days 2016)

No More Sad Songs – (Glory Days 2016)

Are you looking forward to the release of new music?

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