The Gears of Life

Life is like driving a manual car 1st gear - Is about getting the motivation to succeed 2nd gear - Is the desire to see how far can you push your success 3rd gear - Is the satisfaction you feel when you reach your success 4th gear - Is the race to maintain that success … Continue reading The Gears of Life

Defining Black British Culture in 2017

When I started writing this post, I was speaking for black culture as a whole, all countries but in reality I realised my representation of culture stems from the UK. My Maternal and Paternal Grandparents were immigrants, who travelled to the UK as part of the revival of Great Britain. After the second world war … Continue reading Defining Black British Culture in 2017

Meet Ms Banks, Nicki Minaj’s new favourite rapper….   Day ones is a sweet pop/grime ballad about enjoying life with your friends having their back. What I like most about this track is her softer approach to her rap and even the introduction of her singing. Usually she raps in a heavy aggressive style but decided to switch it up I think … Continue reading Meet Ms Banks, Nicki Minaj’s new favourite rapper….


As I love to wear my hear 100% natural,  I thought that I should share my hair shopping list essentials. Take a look below and feel free to share your essentials. Coconut oil 2. Curl Custard - Aunt Jackies 3. Groganic Shampoo 4. Leave in conditioner 5. Shea butter 6. Hair grease scalp

Artist Feature: Little Mix

One thing I have to say about these girls is that they have been constant. You can see that they really gel together as a group and have moulded into what could be one of the best girl groups since Destiny's Child. The British girl group was formed back in 2011 during the eight series … Continue reading Artist Feature: Little Mix