Love is Law – Family Is Business

I feel love is law because it has to happen. The idea and concept of love, to me symoblises happiness, companionship and compatibility which is something we all need. Souls crave love on this planet 🌎 .

Family becomes your business when you realise money future and goals should be made with those who love and care for you. As much as you do them. 

In some countries the law of love is prominent. Women must be married before sex or children. Some of these marriages even being arranged. As weird as it looks I can see it is more about the family business rather than a union between two people. However it is still beneficial to both families and keeps food on the table.

Although there are many different types of love, the one I am most passionate about is that for love you have for your child, or children. The bond is special and if sought about in the right way can be considered to be unbreakable.

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