Cardi B’s American Rapper Dream

Studying American history I remember always hearing what is referred to as the American Dream. America is known to be the land of opportunity, if you make it there you can make it anywhere is what they say in particular about the State of New York in America. But what is it that makes America so dreamy?

Money!! Once you earn enough dollar bills you can do anything. Literally we have witnessed Drug dealers, Strippers become some of the biggest names and change the lives of their families.

Some people judge strippers for the act of taking off their clothes for money. However for some it is just a means to  an end. With alternate goals such as rapping, modelling and acting usually being on the cards. Poverty I guess is a lot more extreme in America with limited support from the Welfare state which helps out the unemployed in Britain. Cardi B though hailing from the Bronx had a means to an end she wanted to become a hip hop artist.

With goals drive and God, Cardi B is an example that you can make your dreams come true.

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