Dream girls was a movie for the Culture

Jennifer Hudson - American Idol
Appearing on American Idol the bright bushy singer Jennifer Hudson spoke of her desire to sing in front of millions. With a larger frame she was told in front of the world she did not look like a popstar and the chances of her becoming successful were slim. Fast forward to 2006 and her Oscar winning performance in dream girls. Cast to star as Effie White the lead antagonistic role of the movie. She was a difficult but talented singer and Jennifer nailed it!
Jennifer Hudson - Oscar win
I believe this performance was enough to put JHud at icon level, she stood amongst the likes of Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy and merely let them dwindle in her spotlight. This role was important for little black girls everywhere because it shows perfection in the least unexpected. It challenges the stereotype of the perfect body image and emphasises on her talent.

Jennifer Hudson stand out role in Dreamgirls was iconic here is why she never knew

  • Her Body Shape redefined a standard
  • Her exaggerated singing belting n shouting
  • Her campaign with weight watchers
  • Her epic Oscar win


What do you think did Jennifer Hudson do an amazing job and altering the perception of body image?


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