The Ugly Ducklings

Insecurity with self looks is prominent for most women, but for women of darker skin complexions it is something not only picked on by the individual but also the mainstream society we desperately try to be part of.

It is difficult because finding a person to blame or a reason for the whole skin complexion debate is long winded and this is not really what this post is about. The post is about the way mainstream society has been brainwashed to the extent a dark skin woman, who plans to go clubbing with her friends would be turned away in the city of London because the way she looks.


It is almost a culture of shame, where those judging have some sort of built up resentment to a look that has been torn down and ridiculed in the media. Shameful and sad it is because black women are left with feeling down and insecure about their looks which then leads on to a spiral of “Not feeling good enough.”

This youtube video spoke to me because I have also felt the pressures to dress up and look a particular way to go clubbing. Even suffering with body dysmorphia trying to slim down to look like one of ‘those’ girls but really I realised I can only be myself how god made. So shame to those promoters who are out there making girls feel bad about their appearance, but ladies it doesn’t matter because if you can not love yourself nobody else will. You are not the ugly duckling!


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