How To Find Your Passion?

When someone asked me growing up what do you want to be when your older? I could never tell you! I used to think older what do you mean older? Age to me was most certainly a number and ‘old’ to me was not what I considered myself to be at the time so how would I know what an older version of myself would want to be?

I found the question dumb, but it was frustrating because I knew it had to be answered. A passion to me is something that you like to do. But then the question is, who only likes to do one thing? Similar to eating the same favorite food everyday you will eventually get bored of it.

Educational subjects taught at schools and Universities alone shows the variety in career paths one may choose. I always felt like it was a box you put yourself in by picking a subject (a major). The option I believe should be there to change direction in life wherever you see fit, to be and do whatever you want.

Here are a list of my passions and the things I aspire to say I have accomplished in my life.

1.Editor in chief


3. Songwriter

4. Philanthropist

5. Teacher

6. Author

7. Successful self employed business owner.

Unapologetically listing 7 goals shows that passions are limitless. Goals are there to be scored and I’m here to encourage you reading this to write yours down and go for yours.

Name some of your goals in the comments below!

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