Dance, Dance, Dance

Music is fun it’s my biggest love, I cannot listen to music without dancing. I feel the blend of the instruments.

I have always had this slightly weird obsession with dance choreographers, and after ITV (UK) debuted the first season of the show Dance, Dance, Dance it elevated my appreciation of choreographers to idol ship status. There are so many names behind some of the most iconic dance videos and breakdowns, Tanisha Scott being one of them.

 Tanisha reeled me in when she gave her students the following advice “Feed your gift with Knowledge” “Learn all the realms to be the best at what you do.” It was something I needed to hear but then I went on to see what videos she had been involved in.

Tanisha Scott - Hotline bling choreographer

Who remembers Drake’s hilarious dancing in  the music video “Hotline Bling?” Tanisha called the making of the video a form of science and art with mega music director Hype Williams leading the lense. Drake danced spontaneously he just felt it is what Tanisha said, he said he wanted to dance even though he wasn’t a dancer and she coached him. The video actually promised so many crazy memes catapulting the song which eventually went on to controversially win “The Best Rap Song” at the Grammys 2017 even though technically Drake does not “rap” on the song. Anywho below are some of my favourite Miss Tanisha Scott choreographed music videos.

 Drake – Hotline Bling
Sean Paul – Gimme The Light
Sean Paul – Like Glue
Sean Paul – We Be Burning
Beyonce – Baby Boy
Neyo – Stay With Me
Rihanna – Rude Boy
Amerie – 1 Thing

Feel free to add more and tell me your favourites below!

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