Breaking the industry – fashion blog no contact or networks

I remember when I first wanted to start writing a “blog”. Initially I thought I would set up a website and take over the world. Gaining thousands of followers and accolades in the process. But as quickly as the idea came to me, the reality in the action was a lot harder. I knew I wanted a magazine, a platform to let my readers know what I felt needed to be pushed in mainstream media. At the time I thought it was easy write some content, get all my ideas on a website and the success will roll in.

Talk about ‘naivety,’ it was tragic because literally I would pick up a pen, or sit in front of my laptop and nothing would come to be. The articles I felt that would come flooding out of my pen or fingertips were nothing more than just keywords. “black women,” “natural hair,” “natural beauty,” “afro hair” etc. The key words went on and on but really you need roughly 300-500 words to make a solid article and these words were nowhere near.

I guess looking back in hindsight I didn’t even fully understand the concept of a blog. As I mentioned before I have little trained writing experience and literally everything I have done so far has been natural to me. So when people ask, what is your blog about? I could never give a solid answer. I thought it was about empowering black women to wear their natural hair, but that is not something you can drone on about which made me realise that concepts change and I shouldn’t have to stick to one thing. (Which is actually leading me to rethink the About me section on this site)

I still know very little about journalism, editors and even the basic set up of magazine departments but I did manage to get a two week internship at Black Beauty & Hair Magazine which was an amazing experience and an almost fast crash course into the world of black beauty journalism. At the time of starting the internship I was so close to quitting my job Giving Up My Job For My Blog. I felt like I saw all these successful women online, following their passion, living glamorous lives  and looking freaking cool whilst doing it. Now I know this isn’t or wasn’t the answer.

I have a platform one that I now know how to use. I may not write all the time but getting my ideas out there is all I ever wanted so my focus has to be here.


What were your first thoughts when you decided to write a blog? Did you think you would become an overnight success? I would love to know!

Comment below xoxo

8 thoughts on “Breaking the industry – fashion blog no contact or networks

    • affia keys says:

      I think it is easy if you have the time to commit to your efforts and are realistic about your results. Tbh I don’t think I put in nowhere enough time to make my blog successful. So now I’m just using it as an avenue to express myself. And write about the things I feel passionate about 😊

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  1. kitty Minaj says:

    I thought it was going to be like a public journal. But it’s more serious. Hard to focus sometime makes me feel like I’m in a writers block. I’m just glad fashion is what you make of it and style is a personality.

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