Dancehall Mania in Pop Culture

Recently the dancehall flavour and style has been all over the charts. And I am most certainly loving it. Pop music is created by its surroundings. It’s hard to even categorize exactly what pop music is beyond music that is merely popular. Again and again, pop music incorporates elements of niche sub-genres, aiming for the next big hit. Recently, mainstream music has looked towards Caribbean and African music for inspiration.
Bashment has always been successful throughout the underground. Popping up here and there with the commercial success of artists like Sean Paul, Shaggy and Mavado.
I feel like its time this style of music was acknowledged on the main stage.
The truth remains that a dancehall single—not a dancehall-inspired track—is reaching audiences worldwide.
Releasing quality music is only half the battle. Being able to connect with fans in person is really the most crucial aspect to solidifying stardom. This connection is nearly impossible to establish for artists like Popcaan, who hasn’t been granted permission to tour in the United States because of a marijuana possession charge on his record.
Major Lazer—made up of DJs and producers from America (Diplo), Trinidad (Jillionare), and Jamaica (Walshy Fire)—work together to blend cultural sounds of the Caribbean, Africa, and South America. In theory, they work to create a platform to help introduce emerging artists to global audiences. The constant debate, however, revolves around whether they are promoting or exploiting. Below are my track examples.
  • Rihanna
  • Sean Kingston
  • Drake
  • PartyNextDoor
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Sean Paul
  • Major Lazer
  • Justin Bieber
  • Zara Larsson

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