Go Fashion or Go Broke

Is fashion really worth the price tag?


When people comment on the price of something I find it so bad manners. You might as well chew with your mouth open at the dinner table. Why does it matter how much you want to spend? its tacky talking about it and its tacky flaunting it. I feel that money has been placed so highly on a pedestal that peoples desire to own it overshadows its worth.

In order to be fashionable or even look good one is desired to spend money. Prices for items are usually determined by costs of production. The cheaper something is to make the cheaper it will be sold at market. The more expensive something is to make the higher the retail price. I fully grasped this during my time as a fashion merchandiser for a footwear retail company. The strategy of this company was to offer their customers affordable luxury, something difficult to do with rising manufacturing costs and an uncertain economy.

Either way I feel as if I am quite humble, I have not met or hung around anybody super wealthy but those who I have been around work hard and spend their money on affordable luxury items. I am not afraid to spend money on quality items that are within my budget. To be fair the average woman has around £200 to spend on herself after bills and expenses which makes the luxury brands like Balmain, Gucci and Prada a definite no no. However there are now loads of brands offering customers the look.

Those who appreciate craftsmanship and design will understand if an item is sewn by hand the price will rise due to the time it takes to make the garment, haute couture (items sewn by hand) being the most expensive. I have expensive taste and hope one day this taste opens many more doors.

Here are a few of my polyvore likes.

Go Fashion or Go Broke

Gucci Pleated metallic striped stretch-silk midi skirt £1110

Prada Womens

Prada Women’s Flower-Appliquéd Leather Sandals £890


Fenty X Puma lace up heels

Fenty by puma lace up heels £390

Fall 2017 Boots

Fenty Puma By Rihanna Eskiva Over-the-Knee Boxing Boot £795

Go Fashion or Go Broke

Gucci Black wool and silk blend A-line skirt £610


Go Fashion or Go Broke

Gucci Striped Tiger Wool Jumper £795

Go Fashion or Go Broke

Gucci Appliquéd distressed printed cotton-jersey T-shirt £560

Go Fashion or Go Broke

Gucci Sylvie Embroidered Leather Top-Handle Satchel Bag £2830

Go Fashion or Go Broke

Gucci Sandal With Removable Latex Sock £795

Go Fashion or Go Broke

Gucci Web And Snake Leather Backpack £1110

Go Fashion or Go Broke

Gucci Embroidered Denim Skirt £1110

Go Fashion or Broke

Gucci Princetown fur-lined backless leather loafers £715

I blog it, but I can’t afford it. Will I ever own one? Stress!

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