Gucci SO black Fall Ready-to-wear 2017


Alessandro Michele is a complete visionist, since arriving at Gucci the Italian designer has catapulted the brand to urban renaissance status. I say that because the designers influences are from all over the globe including Asia and Europe yet somehow he has made it cohesive bright edgy and fun. “I can pick up different things and make them talk like an alchemist.” Michele said.

Gucci’s Fall 2017 ready to wear show headed by the designer was again impressive as he produced a staggering 120 pieces. He feels it’s wrong to have to “tell a new little story” every season. Therefore he continues to build on the global image he smashed onto the fashion scene with.

Another designer who also shows his moving with the social movement and including women of colour on the runway further insinuating the call for more diversity on the runway.



“It’s a big trip in my personal garden which is mine but also Gucci’s, and it expresses all the ideas of me, all of my obsessions.” Alessandro Michele



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