Being Smart Is Not Black


2016 was a bad year for Hollywood, the movie scene was called out for lack of diversity including criticisms for the lack of black actors nominated at the 2016 awards, starting a boycott and a twitter trend #oscarssowhite. Fast forward to 2017 and the release of “Hidden Figures” a movie led by black actors Taraji P Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae. Focused on the women behind the mathematics of NASA aerospace division.

It struck me because not only is it a film led by black women but for once a positive image of black women. These women were mathematical genius not the negative stereotypes we are used to seeing depicted of us in movies or television. I also enjoyed it as for once the world has the opportunity to see black women in a clever role making a difference and know longer just getting by. Knowledge is power what does that mean. To have knowledge opens your mind it allows you think, challenge yourself and become a better person because you grow from all the new information you learn without growth how does one successfully expect to complete the desired life cycle?

In 2017 black people are still suffering with education the rewards of knowledge has been lost in translation and it almost seems uncool for a black person to be intelligent.
If you are black and smart you are likely to be called every negative name such as boffin, geek, nerd, wet, even gay and its sad that a child’s love for knowledge is ridiculed.

I believe that movies like this will challenge these negative stereotypes and hopefully inspire people to get reading and improve their knowledge.


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