Giving Up My Job For My Blog

When you are younger predicting who or what you want to be in the future seems like something you will keep putting off until you feel it is to late. Then you may begin to reflect on older looking version of yourself. Possibly working in a job you do not enjoy or you may of had dreams to end up somewhere else.

At that point you end up with a million thoughts swirling through your brain, in one day? How do you then organise these thoughts? Are you ignoring your passion all because life is occupying your head.

Firstly I will tell you to tell yourself;

  • Money comes and Money goes.

Invest in yourself don’t be afraid to spend money to make money. It could be a course, a degree, a move in location. Just know that spending money on your goals is not always a bad thing.

  • Your Network Matters.

Respect the Karma, don’t quit any form of stable income without savings and good contacts.

  • You Are Good Enough.

Are you the type to have an idea and fail to complete it. It may be because you don’t feel good enough. That’s a lie you are good enough.

  • You Do Have A talent

Fans go hard when it comes to showing their favourite person love. Nicki Minaj told her fans just the other day “I want you guys to go just as hard for yourself” (March 2017)

Now the media portrays certain celebrities as icons,  artist such as beyonce etc these artists were born with a talent and if the fame and bright lights were taken away these singers athletes musicians all have talents. With the large number of human beings on this planet the number of celebrities in this comparative appears to be minuet, we can be as successful as them you just have to believe.

This was just a little reflective piece as I have had to dig deep and tell myself those things. I would never encourage someone to give up there job, but I would encourage them to take the steps needed to be able to change jobs. i.e. qualifications, timing and faith.

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