What Is Your Favourite Colour?

I always get asked my favourite colour and when I do people automatically say black before I respond. Why? Because I wear black pretty much 24/7 it’s easy to assume that but I wear black for my own reasons.
My favourite colour is actually orange but who can only pick one colour? I find that slightly lame but anywho my decision to wear black firstly started when I could never find any other colour in my size. It then went because I found black to be slimming and lastly I think it gives across a regal quality.
The colour black absorbs every colour around it. Nothing is more powerful than black, so why not wear a powerful colour. I’m also really big into spiritual energies and the energies protecting the purity of my heart.
Negative spirits seek positive spirits in an attempt to destroy. It’s the same analogy of good vs evil. Light vs Dark.
A few song lyrics and songs reaffirmed my love for the colour
A line from the Jay Z song la familia “what you think we wearing black for?”
Also run this town “all black everything, blacks cars….”
Donae’O also realised a song titled “Black” with  the lyrics.
So man ah wear black, man ah wear black
Man ah wear, man ah wear, man ah wear black
Man ah man ah wear black (that’s why)
Man ah man ah wear black
Man ah wear black, man ah wear black
Man ah wear, man ah wear, man ah wear black
Man ah man ah wear black (that’s why)
Man ah man ah wear black, yeah
The lyrics that grab me are the parts of JME who raps.
“I protect my energy Hit ’em with the black whip, black tint, black seats Don’t wanna talk so I stay blacked out I’m a black male so you can’t blackmail me”
Black is sometimes seen as a nasty word if something is dirty, damaged or evil. But to me there is so much beauty in it. So what’s your favourite colour and why? Think about it, everything has a meaning. Are we drawn to colours that reflect our spirituality?

3 thoughts on “What Is Your Favourite Colour?

  1. Kerisha says:

    I like your analysis of the colour black, it is a colour of power, strength and mystery. My favourite colour is purple, I find that its its calming and I’ve heard its the colour of royalty, hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • affia keys says:

      Thanks for your comment! Initially I was stuck thinking one colour is better than the other but now I see they are all powerful and represent different personalities and moods. Purple is most definitely for the regal!


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