Should I Join YouTube?


YouTube is massive now with the rise of smartphones and music streaming. As a fan of music videos I found a website that I could play almost any music video, I wanted to see old or new. The website is YouTube and to this day I am completely obsessed with the video sharing site.
Now I consider YouTube to one of the best tv alternatives. Most days the television listings are boring. Who decides what we watch anyway? How are these programs created and why do we have to watch a program when they say we do? I like YouTube for the control you have over what you watch.
New people are creating jobs and incredible opportunities for themselves with a camera and tripod and as a fan of entrepreneurship I had to find out more.
All that is needed to start vlogging on YouTube is a camera, passion and great content.
The black community is not celebrated on national television. I watch British television and it only relates to caucasians food, hair, gossip beauty tips, music. It is rare to find engaging channels with stimulating black content. Channels such as BET was created is that enough. There are currently rumors Beyonce plans to start her own network which would be epic and her following in the likes of P Diddy who launched his network revolt.
The YouTube family features people from all types of communities but in particular black vloggers have been making their mark on the beauty industry. In particularly hair and make up as a black woman it is almost impossible to find a visual tutorial of how to apply make up, what make up is good for our skin and what is recommended. The same is done for our hair. This is exactly what we as black women need, a community of women together sharing ideas, helping each other establish self esteem and raise the younger generations expectations.
Nobody knew having a passion for make up and recording yourself would make millions but it has what is even better is the platform these black women are able to create.
This is something we as black people can own and use to our advantage like Marcus Garvey said….
Money is made by ads and brands sending sponsorships and products to vloggers who then promote on their platform, however I believe ownership and brands is the next step for these girls.
Why sit around and wait for ‘Nike’ ‘Mac’ ‘louboutin’ to send things when we as black people need to create our own lanes. Whites are known for trade, asians own shops and businesses but we as black people own nothing expect our children and negativity. YouTube is an excellent opportunity for the rise of the black woman, the networks and exposure is something not seen at all this century, and its time, like Beyonce said to get in formation and slay.
The ladies below are some of my favorite YouTubers
-Jennie Jenkins -
The system is a little contrived as obviously the popular girls get given the better ads and products which is why I feel it best we come together and make our own cutting out the middle man and selling directly to one another. Its merely a vision hopefully one that will come true.

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