Fenty University x Fenty Puma Fall 2017

All I can say about Rihanna is that, chick is serious about them coins and the fashion game. She has figured to be successful in 2017 with all the competition around for fame and name. You need to be a Brand, an expansion of yourself out of your chosen field.

Several years ago an accountant really scammed the bitch stole her money and allowed her to make poor financial decisions. Remember her song Bitch Better Have My Money!!

Well bad gal riri is serious about them notes and expanded her Fenty empire. Trademarking her Fenty surname to sell cosmetics, accessories, clothing and perfume. The singer had already had  three shows at Fashion week. Not only that Rihanna has been able to create designs that sell. Remember the creeper?

It is only a matter of time to see how well her latest collection does? Her collaboration with Puma has literally catapulted the rise in the streetwear trend. And served as a major base for her Fenty University inspired show below.










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